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Alongside Apple and Samsung, HTC is one of the leading smartphone makers of the present time. In the previous some years, the manufacturer has made some very amazing devices particularly known for their cutting edge performance characteristics and stylish outlook. In a recent event, the company has announced its upcoming phone after a long pause. People had actually started thinking that HTC is now out of the business but the facts have proven otherwise.

According to the Tuesday event, the company will reveal the phone on April the 12th 2016. Like the history of HTC this phone will also be equipped with Android OS. The name of the phone is not yet made public but presumably it will be called the HTC One M10 following the recent nomenclature that HTC is using for its flagship devices.

The Taiwan-based company arranged an on-line conference to make the presentation available in a number of places around the globe. The presentation named “power of 10” suggests that the “10” will be incorporated into the name of the phone. One more clue towards the nae is that the predecessor was One M9 which was preceded by M8 in turn. The original line originated from the HTC One which is sometimes also refereed to as the One M7.

This years announcement is at least a year later keeping in mind the previous trend of HTC when they announced each new phone in the middle of February. The phones were previously announced in the Mobile World Congress. According to some of the researchers, this delay is partly due to the extensive research going on back in Taiwan to make the phone more and more better and partly because the company wants its business to stabilize which which has destabilized due to poor sales and falling market share over last some months.

Regardless of the delay and technical and strategic issues in the release of the phone, it is widely anticipated that the phone is going to be a very amazing device. The phone will have very very compelling camera according to HTC and will be the first phone in the market to enable the users use Virtual reality without the aid of any other system (a set of VR glasses will obviously be needed). It will be a great competition between the announced M10, the latest Samsung flagship s7 and the newer, smaller and cheaper iPhone SE. Talking of the HTC, the VR and the camera are the biggest attractions for the buyers whereas the other two have greater names than the HTC

More news is yet to come regarding this new phone. We have set a close eye on any news regarding this device and will love to break the news to our readers before any other forum does. To get the latest updates on this phone and other tech-related issues, stay tuned to us.

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Best Computer Processors in 2016 from Intel


The information about upcoming new best computer processors in 2016 has been leaked confirming that the arrival of Broadwell-E, Kaby Lake-S, Apollo Lake chips and many more processors. We have seen many leaks Intel’s upcoming mainstream and enthusiast platforms and the latest roadmap detailing the launch schedule of these CPUs. Intel is indeed readying several chips for launch in 2016 that we have been hearing over the Internet.

Latest and best computer processors in 2016

There are many upcoming new Intel’s best computer processors are coming out in this year. Let’s have look on some of them.


Intel Broadwell-E With Up To 10 Core Processors

At first, we have the Intel Broadwell-E HEDT group, which is powering the enthusiast X99 features. This group is consisting of four new processors. Including,


  • Intel Core i7-6950X
  • Intel Core i7-6900K
  • Intel Core i7-6850K
  • Intel Core i7-6800K


Intel Core i7-6950X

This processor will be the flagship processor of the Broadwell-E serial. The processor will feature 20 threads and 10 cores. It runs at a base clock of 3.00 GHz and a 3.50 GHz clock. This processor performs 2.5 MB per core and will be compatible with current generation X99 motherboards. Though Intel and AMD have both released higher core count processors in the workshop and server Markey. The exceptive price of Core i7-6950X will be $999.

Intel Core i7-6900K

It has 8 core processors with 16 threads and 20MB of L3 cache and full support on latest X99 motherboards to allow for better overclock. The expected price will be $600 range.

Intel Core i7-6850K & Intel Core i7-6800K

Both of these processors comes with great features all two contains with 6 core and 12 threads and come with 15 MB of L3 Cache. One of the interesting things of the processor is that both chips are placed for the entry-level enthusiasts. I7-6850 k feature a base clock of 3.60 GHz and 3.80 GHz boosts while the core i7 6800K feature clock speeds of the 3.40GHz base and 3.60 GHz boost and both of them fully bland with the LGA 2011-3 socket. Also, it supports for quad-channel DDR4 memory with speeds of up to 2400MHz. he expecting the price of core i7 6850k and core i7 6800 will be $450 and it will available from the second quarter of 2016.

Intel Skylake-S GT4e

Intel will also bring new Skylake-S in 2016. It will feature GT4e graphics chip and will be available in a similar manner as the Broadwell-C processors. This new chip will be compatible with the LGA 1551 socket. It is available in only quad core options and feature up to 265 256 MB of eDRAM L4 cache and 72 execution unit. It will offer over 1.152 TFLOPs of computing performance but there is no mention of multiple variants of the processor family.

Intel Apollo Lake

Intel will replace low end and low power sector Celeron and Pentium lineup with Apollo Lake chips which based on architecture Goldmont 14nm architecture. It will have improved IPC performance and Gen9 graphics and available with dual and quad core processors. That will be configured in 6W up to 10W SOCs and it will available in BGA package. The Apollo Lake will expect to hit the market in late quarter of this year.

Intel Kay Lake-S

Baby Lake-S will be available in various configurations for desktop and mobile market and the desktop chips will retain support on current generation motherboards with the LGA 1151 socket. Intel is yet again offering users a new chipset in the form of the 200-series chipset that will launch alongside this processor. The 200 series chipset will remain the sane as Z87 to Z97 but with increased I/O performance. Baby Lake-S processors will include up to 24 PCI-e 3.0 lanes (up from 20 on 100-Series Chipset) and 6 SATA 3.0. With 10 USB 3.0 ports also.


Moreover, there is many more processor coming out this year. Let’s see the next upcoming best computer processors for surprising us!

LG Gram 15 Big Bash Upcoming Laptop in 2016

The new LG Gram 15 Bash upcoming laptop in 2016 may remind you about Macbook. It’s not the copycat of MacBook just look similar to it. Apple’s MacBook was light slim and appear with stylish fold color but the screen was not big enough for all the users. If you are also fond of a large screen with a light and slim laptop then the new LG Gram may have just you need. It is the 15-inch display which just 6 inches thin and the weight is around 2.16 lbs. So, LG can proudly announce their new creation as the lightest laptop compare than other. Also, it is different with its strikingly familiar gold finish from the outside.

LG Gram 15 Bash upcoming laptop specifications

Its special all by its side but it’s not quite the same bigger as MacBook. The Gram IPS display is 1080p resolution and it runs windows 10. Also, it comes with a USB Type-C port but also contain with HDMI, micro SD slots USB 3.0, and micro USB. The processor of this laptop is Intel’s sixth-generation Core i5 or i7 and the barratry can run up to 7 hrs.

The durable constriction of this 7.2 inches thin LG Gram can stand up for your everyday life. It’s made of magnesium alloy which gives strength to the durable design. It features a USB-C for adding versatility in connectivity of data transfer and any device charging power. LG Gram has 8GB RAM with 512 GB SSD and 6th generation i5 or i7 Intel core processor. The award-winning LG Gram brings ultra slim LG Gram 15 Bash upcoming laptop. Let’s know all the features of this laptop in details.

Some special features about LG Gram 15 Bash upcoming laptop given bellow.

  • Model NO- 15Z960-A.AA75U1
  • Color- New Gold
  • OPERATING SYSTEM Windows 10 Home (64bit)
  • PROCESSOR- CPU Brand Intel
  • CPU Type- Core i7-6500U with 4MB Cache
  • CPU Speed- 2.5 GHz (Turbo up to 3.1 GHz)
  • Memory- 8GB x 1
  • Memory Speed- DDR3L 1600MHz
  • HARD DRIVE- SSD (Solid-State Drive) SATA3, Capacity- 512GB
  • Screen Size- 15.6″
  • Display Type- IPS LCD
  • Resolution- FHD (1920 x 1080)
  • Graphics- Intel HD Graphics 520
  • Webcam- HD (720p)
  • Stereo Speaker (1.0W x 2), Internal Mic and Cirrus logic DAC (Hi-Fi audio, Headphone out)
  • COMMUNICATIONS-Wireless, LAN, Bluetooth
  • Battery power- 7 hrs (up to)
  • DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT- 980 grams
  • Port and Connections- HDMI, USB 3, USB 2 Micro SD headphone out, RJ45 Ethernet and DC-in.
  • Warranty- 1-year service and labor warranty.
  • Price- $1499.

Moreover, it contains with many more special features like ergonomic and numeric keypad, Reader mode and movie mood, hi sound quality and many more. This award winning creation of LG hopefully meets your expectations all by its good characteristics. Of course, many people consider it as another version of MacBook. But after reading the whole editorial you will be able to find its own individuality. LG always try to give the value of their customer and this LG Gram 15 Bash upcoming laptop is definitely worth it.

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Is FBI more Powerful than Apple?

The struggle between FBI and Apple over unlocking the iPhones of the shooters involved in a recent attack is becoming a burning issue in the tech world. Apple is known for providing the best technology to the users and especially the Encryption they use on their phones and other devices is virtually flawless and no one can possibly break into it. I the recent case, the FBI asked Apple to help them open the passwords of the phones, which the California Based Company flatly refused. Things moved to the court when FBI asked the court to order the Apple officials to open the phones. Apple won the lawsuit and is hereby not responsible for providing any assistance to FBI regarding the passwords.

FBI on the other hand happens to be a very determined organization and it does not seem like they are going to sit back on this issue. They are trying to use any possible method to open the phones or to bypass their security protocols and access the data within. Now FBI has contacted an Israeli Company named Celebrate to help them open the passwords on those stubborn phones, which are beyond the abilities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s team of experts. According to Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, Cellebrite, the Israeli provider of mobile forensic software will assist FBI in creaking the passwords of the phones used by the San Bernardino, California shooters.

If the Israelis succeed in unlocking the iPhones, FBI will obviously not be in the need of Apple’s assistance in accessing the data on the phones. This news is derived from the Israeli Daily Yedioth Aronoth while the official representatives of Cellebrite have not spoken a word on the matter.

Apple was formerly ordered by a judge to make a software to undo the locking mechanism and let FBI access the data in those phones but Apple has attained stay orders on the matter and is now engaged in an open battle against the FBI constantly declining any demand regarding disabling the pass-codes.

The parties were expected to attend the court meeting on the last Tuesday but on Monday, the government prosecutors appealed the court to postpone the proceedings of the case because the FBI had contacted some ‘third-party’ to present a viable method of opening the encrypted data stored on the phones.

When decided, this case will in turn decide two things. What has the supremacy in the US, the law enforcing agencies or the multi-million dollar companies, which can go to any limit to fulfill the promises, they have made with their stakeholders. On the other hand this will also decide the fate of data protection and privacy legislation of the country as well.

Cellebrite, operates under the parentage of Japanese Sun Corp and it has two businesses, provision of services for retrieving hidden data over various devices and provision of services to mobile makers for making data more secure.

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iMessage No more Reliable?

According to some reports published this Monday, a team of IT researchers from John Hopkins University has worked out a way to crack open the files sent through the iMessage app. However, it was not at all easy to do so. They spent two whole months in it. The team, under the supervision of Professor Matthew Green made it possible to find out the 64-bit encryption key to open an encrypted image stored on the iCloud.

For stealing the key from the encrypted information carrying it, they developed a software which behaved like an Apple server. By doing so, they were able to get the key from the encrypted transmission.

Once they got the key, they entered it in the iPhone which was able to decrypt the image and it was visible.

Apple’s Action

This process could only target an iPhone with an older version of the iOS running on it but Professor Green said that by modifying the method of attack a little, they could even attack the iPhones with a newer operating system. Apple made immediate efforts and released the iOS 9.3 which is not vulnerable to this sort of attack. According to one of the team members Ian Miers, Apple responded to them very quickly and took serious steps to make the phones safer.

Companies like apple cannot implement the security reforms instantly as they have to put the new systems to test in a number of different expected circumstances. Keeping that in view, the response of Apple towards this research is really appreciable.

Does Apple Have a Weak Security?

The fault that the research team has pointed out is , in no way, a fault with the Apple’s encryption algorithm but just an implementation error, said Bailey, one of the officials of Apple’s security research wing. It just enables you to guess one of the digits in the key and once you do that you can only get the access to a single message, image or a video stored on the phone. To access all the data, you will have to repeat the process for every single item which is virtually not possible. Also, the effort needed to access the data using this process, it is not a viable option for mass-scale hacking.

The iPhones are still way better than the phones which do not use encrypted transmission and this flaw is not something that can affect the routine users as it took two months to crack a single image which means it will require a duration of time longer than the age of universe itself to access all the data on the phone.

Myth of Encryption

Recently, the struggle between Apple and FBI regarding the decryption of some iPhones has gained a lot of public attention. The FBI had declared the encryption on iPhones and Macs to be impenetrable but the Hopkins researchers have shown that it is possible to find flaws in it. Apple has some of the best cryptographic engineers working with them, still the encryption can be broken it makes the other low-end systems totally obsolete when it comes down to encryption.

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5 Brand New Upcoming Laptops 2016 in Naperville, Aurora, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Downers Grove Repair

What will be the big surprises for laptop lovers in this year? Here we bring for you 5 brand new upcoming laptops 2016. These fresh laptops are coming with windows 10 or core as its operating system. They are unique with all by its sides. Let’s check this out what new the included in these laptops.

Upcoming laptops in 2016


Here we have listed 5 new upcoming laptops 2016 which are coming this year.

1. Lenovo Yoga 900S Repair

Like its name, it’s super slim and super smart laptops which are pushing forward in 2016. Thanks to its 360° watchband hinge which gives itself turn into tablet facility. It is very lightweight, less than 1 kilogram and just 12.8 mm thin. Its have 12ʺ QHD display and the battery can run for 10.5 hrs. It’s coming with windows 10 operating system.

This special laptop of Lenovo Yoga 900S is starting with $1099 and it’s available from March 2016.

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2. Dell XPS 13 Repair

Dell XPS 13 is load with interesting features. From the bottom to top you will find all its unique spatiality. It’s razor thin bezel and sharp 13ʺ display into 11ʺ chassis making its one of the most compact portable laptop ever. This laptop is just only 2.7 pound and its battery last nearly 12 hrs. Its Intel 6th Generation Core Processor and SSD delivers very fast performance. Dell also brings a version with quad-HD touch display which gives you a sharp and realistic performance. It’s starting price with $799. For the money XPS 13 is a great choice as a lightweight laptop.

3. Acer Aspire Switch 12 S Repair


Aspire Switch 12S is a 2 in 1 notebook for windows 10. Its outside body made with an anodised aluminium build that offers a slim size; just in 7.85 mm. it has 6th Generation Intel Core M Processing, USB-C and 4k or full HD display option. Also its display comes with gorilla glass 4 Its available from February and the price is $1000-$1200. So, it is also the best one from the upcoming laptops 2016.


4. Hp Spectre x360 Repair


New upgraded version of spectre is offering you the new x360 in this year. This windows 10 processor laptops comes with 2 different models. One is only 13.3ʺ and it’s upgraded with OLED display with QHD resolution. It’s made it 50g lighter and offers a great color gamut. Another hand, the 15.6ʺ model is available in 15.9mm body and 9.5 hrs battery life with 4k resolution display. This is available from the January and price start with $1000. The 13.3ʺ will get a price and release date very soon.

5. Toshiba Portege Z20t Repair

This is the last upcoming laptops 2016 from the 5. Toshiba Portege Z20t seems set to the surface killer title which comes with a smart and sturdy design. Toshiba portege Z20t has a detachable keyboard deck and a rich full HD display that gives the Pc close to maximum battery life. It comes with reliable Core M power and 15 hrs of battery life. Smooth brushed metal backside with the 12.5ʺ display. The display and keyboard held together by a silver hinge which gives it’s a different look. It’s around 3.2 pound which means you can easily carry on it in your backpack. The price could be around $1399-$1699.


So, keep one eye in here and we shall update all the info time to time because there are many more new upcoming laptops 2016 with amazing feature and price.

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Apple iPhone 7 Full Specifications That’s A Surprise of the year!


It’s about 6 months away from being released of the iPhone 7 but many rumors around in the air about Apple iPhone 7 full specifications. There are plenty of details can be found online in advance. Some people say it will be the best iPhone every. It will surprise anybody who looked or touched it. Another hand some people said, it will going angry lots of people. Because of it’s just a copycat of iPhone 6 or 6 plus.

Some Apple iPhone 7 Full Specifications

Apple is going to serve the old wine just in a new bottle, nothing else. From the beginning, design, Apple iPhone 7 full specifications, the price of iPhone 7 are shown here and there on online. But, Apple Corporation didn’t unveil anything about iPhone 7.Well, including all of this we are going to analysis that information and serve you some interesting one.

Here we are going to show you some key specification of iPhone 7, according to the online information.



The iPhone 7 is going to have a little bigger battery than previous iPhones. The new set will have a 7.04 why battery that represents a 6.5% increase in capacity. It’s a huge matter for any phone. Also, it’s said that’s the new iPhone is going to be thinner than other models of phone. Most people assumed that the also meant they would include smaller batteries. If they manage to stuff a large battery on iPhone 7, it could be said that this phone will outperform this years model where battery life is concerned when apple makes other optimization as well as before.



The new iPhone 7 will be much thinner other than previous iPhone models. Apple is going to eliminate of the headphone jack, slimmer lighting port, and advanced cell panel technology to make it thinner. Rumors said that it will between 6-6.5 mm in length were iPhone 6s was 7.1 and 6s plus was 7.3 mm.


iPhone 7 may not come out with the design of antenna bands. Usually, the entire phone getting the white antenna bands located on sides, top or bottoms. The rear bands are eliminated for the clear look.

Another rumor of iPhone 7 is the device may have a water resistant strong frame that detaches Apple’s traditional casing.


Also, some other important features to change like,


  • Apple is going to implement EMI shielding techniques in this new one. Rumor was saying Apple going to working on AMOLED displays for next models. But this technology may not be ready for iPhone 7 so they will continue to use their old TFT-LCD display which was used in iPhone 6s.
  • No headphone jack is going to add iPhone 7. in case apple planning to add an all in one lightning port that will support both charging and playback music.
  • IPhone 7 will available with lightning-equipped ear pods, as rumors suggestions.
  • The new iPhone 7 has surfaced and depicting with a Smarts connectors on the back of the device like an iPad pro.
  • The latest version of dual lance camera will be included on iPhone 7 this 12-megapixel dual lance camera system takes advantage through the purchase of Linux Imaging and Israel Camera Company, last year.iphone 7 repair in naperville il


There are many rumors are given on online for the interest of iPhone lovers. Some source climbs to be a leak of genuine information of Apple Corporation which may give a new volume of rumor. But most of the time the expected one is unveiled with lots of surprises beyond the rumors. So wait for having a new surprise of iPhone 7 and enjoy Apple iPhone 7 Full Specifications.

The new MacBook has always been an important part of the new tech that comes out every year. Apple has started to lose its once firm grip on the world of smartphones, but computers are still its strongest forte, whether the computers are laptops, desktops or tablet computers.

The great thing about the New MacBook that Apple has unveiled is that it has a ton of new features. It is thinner than ever, which was to be expected somewhat since Apple has a fetish of sorts for thin hardware. The thinner the better, in Apple’s opinion, and in the opinion of the public thinner always looks better too! Remarkably, Apple manages to make their devices thinner every year without ever sacrificing on processing power. The same is true this year around as well. The new MacBook air is so thin that you can shave with it, although getting it so close to water is not highly recommended.

Another great feature that you would notice in the new MacBook’s are the keyboards. The keyboards are phenomenally thing. Apple was the first company to introduce new, flat keys that looked a lot better and felt great while typing as well, allowing for faster typing as well as more accurate keystrokes. Apple has done it yet again this year, creating a keyboard that is so thing with keys so flat that they are almost non-existent. These keys are almost completely flat, so it’s almost like you are tapping against nothing at all.

This is a boon for people who have to type a lot, as it takes a lot of the strain out of typing. Additionally, it is important for people who simply aren’t very good at typing fast. The rebound of the keys is phenomenal and allows even the most novices of typists to gain an appreciable speed from the keyboard.

The graphics have also been greatly improved, much as they are improved every year. With more pixels per square inch than ever before, watching movies on this incredible laptop is truly an experience and a sight to behold. If you watch a movie, be sure to watch it in 720p or 1080p or, if you should be so lucky, super HD platforms such as 1440p. You will see a new world opened before your very eyes, details so sharp and vivid that it will almost be like you are a part of the movie you are watching, and not simply watching images being played in front of you in the comfort of your own home!

Apple is truly ahead of all of its competitors when it comes to computers. Although laptops running Windows are still quite popular, the Apple fan will be well pleased with what Apple has come up with this year, and the people who disdain Apple would probably be eating their words and agreeing that Apple has truly created something remarkable that is worth considering and switching over to!

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What Repairgeekz do?


RepairGeekz repairs electronic device. After all, it is in our brand name! Whether you are a self-lover who about to take a picture in sea soar. Suddenly your iPhone dropped from your hand just on a sea coral and broke! Or you just spilled a mug of coffee on your tab. We understand how traumatic you could be after this accident occurred. See the broken condition of your precious things is not so easy. But don’t worry. We have been there to repair your favorite gadgets.

With the changing dynamics of the world and technology, we are becoming more and more dependent on our smart devices. In previous times – like a decade or two back – we could live easily without our smart devices, but now smart devices like iPads, iPhones, Android phones, etc. play an important role in our daily lives. From our work to socializing with friends and family, we now rely on these devices completely; and as a result, we are all now totally dependent on these smart devices, and cannot even imagine a single day without them.

So, maintaining these devices has become a huge issue now. It is all ok if they are working fine, but if they get damaged or broken and need a repair, we are in big trouble as finding a reliable and professional repair service provider is a hassle. There are many repair service providers available these days, who all claim to be better than the other, but finding a trustworthy, professionally trained, experienced and qualified one is not an easy job.

But, you will find many good repair service providers in this article which will help you decide the very best one amongst them. The best iPad repair Naperville, Aurora, Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Lombard, Warrenville, Downers Grove, Lisle include many different service providers like uBreakiFix, iCracked, iFixster, NovaFix, iMaster Repair, CPR Cell Phone Repair Bolingbrook, Certified Phone Repair, Angel’s Computer Repair To Go, iFix Denver, Device Dr, Inkster Electronics Repair, SpeedTex, Dr Gadget – Phone and Tablet Repair, Phontronics Schaumburg, NovaFix, We Fix Phones & Tablets, Xpress Cellfixers, United Electronics Group, and FixThat4U.

There are many more iPad repair service providers available in Illinois, but the above mentioned ones are the most reviewed and top rated repair service providers in Illinois. These repair service providers – according to different reviews available over the internet – have the best technical staff, so your expensive smart devices are in safe and professional hands; they charge reasonable rates; they repair the device in relatively less time than others; some of these repair service providers also offer free Diagnostic & Estimate; and some also offer Pickup and drop-off of your equipment at your office, school or home.

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