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iPhone 5S does not boot the ultimate repair Micro Solder

First, first remove the battery problem, and then check the boot button part.

Measure FL3, DZ1, R22, U25 on the ground resistance, not the normal replacement of the corresponding components.

FL3 and DZ1 feet connected to the ground resistance of 472 ohms.

R22 1 foot resistance of 337 ohms, and U25 5 feet connected to its 2 feet and U25 2 feet connected to the resistance value of 472 ohms.

U25 1 foot is empty, 2 feet resistance is 472 ohms, 3 feet for the ground, 4 feet directly U1 and U7 internal can not be measured, 5 feet resistance of 337 ohms.


repair Geekz Schmatics power hold key buffer
The above components on the motherboard position:

PP_VCC_MAIN voltage between 3.7-4.2V.


Second, if the above are normally press the boot button or not boot, then adjust the power supply test, measure whether the main power supply PP_VCC_MAIN voltage, capacitance C357 can be measured to PP_VCC_MAIN voltage between 3.7-4.2V.

c357 PP_VCC_MAIN 3.7-4.2v the power supply IC U7 is damaged.

If there is no voltage to remove the short circuit problem, the power supply IC U7 is damaged.

Third, if there is PP_VCC_MAIN main power supply, further measurement of the following groups of voltage:

Press the power button, the normal circumstances can be measured to the following nine groups of power supply:

1, check the schematic diagram, the signal name “PP1V1_CPU” with or without 1.1V voltage, measuring the location to find components L9 \ L10 \ L11 \ L12 inductance or inductance connected with the components. as the picture shows:

PP1V1_CPU" with or without 1.1V voltage, measuring the location to find components L9 \ L10 \ L11 \ L12

If there is no voltage to exclude the capacitor on the circuit short circuit, there is inductance Weld, if not damaged, and finally replace the U7 power management chip.

L9 \ L10 \ L11 \ L12 Location of the inductor:

L9 \ L10 \ L11 \ L12 Location of the inductor:

2, check the schematic diagram, the signal name PP1V0_SOC, with or without 1.0V voltage, measuring the location to find components L15 inductance or inductance connected with the components. as the picture shows:

PP1V0_SOC, with or without 1.0V voltage

3, check the schematic diagram, the signal name PP1V8_SDRAM, with or without 1.8V voltage, measuring the location to find components L16 inductors or components connected with this inductance. as the picture shows:


PP1V8_SDRAM, with or without 1.8V voltag

4, check the schematic diagram, the signal name PP1V2_SDRAM, with or without 1.2V voltage, measuring the location to find components L17 inductance or inductance connected to the components. as the picture shows:

PP1V8_SDRAM, with or without 1.8V voltag

5, check the schematic diagram, the signal name PP1V0_SRAM, with or without 1.0V voltage, measuring the location to find components L18 inductance or inductance connected to the components. as the picture shows:

PP1V8_SDRAM, with or without 1.8V voltag

6, check the schematic diagram, the signal name PP1V8, with or without 1.8V voltage, measuring the location of components to find the capacitor or capacitor connected to this capacitor. as the picture shows:

Repair Geekz C999 IC

7, check the schematic diagram, the signal name PP1V8_ALWAYS, with or without 1.8V voltage, measuring the location of components to find C291 capacitor or connected with the capacitor components. as the picture shows:

 c291 IC iphone 5s

8, check the schematic diagram, the signal name PP1V2, with or without 1.2V voltage, measuring the location to find components C302 capacitor or capacitor connected with this component. as the picture shows:

PP1V2, with or without 1.2V voltage, measuring the location to find components C302 capacitor

9, check the schematic diagram, the signal name PP3V0_NAND, with or without 3.0V voltage, the location of the device to find the component C307 capacitor or connected with the capacitor components. as the picture shows:

PP3V0_NAND, with or without 3.0V voltage

If more than one of the nine groups of voltage is not normal, the main check with the connected inductance or capacitor with or without corrosion open circuit.

Fourth, check the clock signal, if all the above nine groups of voltage is normal, began to check the clock circuit, the main measurement element Y1 crystal, or Y1 connected components C36 \ C37 \ R7 \ R71 whether the exception. as the picture shows:

Y1 crystal, or Y1 connected components C36 \ C37 \ R7 \ R71

5, check the reset signal, if the clock signal is normal, check the reset circuit, under normal circumstances, the TP10 test point can be measured to 1.8V reset voltage, if not the voltage, check R67 \ U2 \ U3 and other components:

R67 location as shown:

R67 location a

U2, U3 chip position shown in Figure 2.23:

U2, U3 chip position shown in Figure

Sixth, the bus will cause failure to not boot

If the power supply, clock, reset are normal, at the test point PP13 \ PP14, can be measured to 1.8V voltage, if not the voltage, check R17 \ R18 and other related components.

I2C bus circuit as shown:

I2C bus circuit

R17, R18 position as shown:

R17, R18 position



Laptop Brightness problems and solutions repair geekz
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Laptop Brightness problems and solutions

Laptop Brightness problems are very familiar to the laptop users. And they face this type of problem very often. But don’t be afraid. You will find very easy solution for it. In this article I will explain the common laptop brightness problems and its solution as well. So keep reading!

Common Laptop Brightness problems

The laptop users may have problems adjusting laptop screen brightness very often.  In this stage the system does not respond to the brightness changes properly. I would like to mention it more specifically that you can not have the laptop screen brightness adjusted until the system is restarted or rebooted your laptop.


However, the Laptop users sometimes may have found that when they try to adjust the brightness of the laptop screen, it doesn’t work properly.


Another thing is when you are trying to adjust settings in your control panel; the brightness setting is shown to change. But you will find that the actual screen brightness does not change accordingly.

Generally, it may happen when you resume your laptop from sleep mode or hibernation.

The solutions of Laptop Brightness problems


Are you struggling to see your laptop display clearly?  Isn’t it bright enough to see?  So, have you ever wondered of how to increase the brightness of your laptop screen? Well, thankfully there are a few little tricks to improve the brightness of your laptop screen.


Here are the steps you may follow to solve your Laptop Brightness problems.


Alter the appearance of your laptop’s screen by choosing your wallpaper image. You can also try to set your display to a dark image that has a high contrast. Now spend a very short time to let your eyes to be used to the dark image. Hence, the screen will appear brighter to you.




To solve your laptop brightness problem, go to the Windows Control Panel; now go to the Power Options. Here you will find Advanced Settings. Advanced setting>power buttons and lid. Then go to “lid close action”. Here you need to change some settings. Now you have to change the settings for “on battery” and “plugged in”. So, they both are set to “do nothing”.

I think, it will solve this screen brightness issue for Laptop Brightness problems.


Here, you will find very effective tips that will really works – especially at night.  Use your laptop in a dark room and keep the lights switched off.


It may be clear. However, here, the darkness means that your whole vision is concentrated on the screen that makes the display seem much more vivid than before. Moreover, this will create a greater feeling of immersion.  And it may be an excellent way to play games as well.

Some Alternative Solutions

There are also some alternative solutions for your laptop brightness problems. And it may work for some users too.  Open or close the laptop lid, uninstall or reinstall the monitor. You can also try hibernating or resuming the system, and installing a new monitor driver as well to solve the problems.


Lastly, you can see a number of little tricks and tricks that you can do to make your laptop brightness problem solved. Hope this article will help you to solve your laptop’s brightness problem. In my next post I will come with another helpful stuff for you guys. Till then, stay connected!







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Cell Phone Screen Touch (PDA) Not Working Problem and Solution

‘’My Mobile phone screen touch is not working’’- I can guess you have heard this many times from your friends or other people. In fact it’s a very common problem for smart phone users.

In this article, I will tell you some Mobile Phone Screen Touch (PDA) Not Working type Problems and its solution as well. So, I can expect that you will remain with me to the end of this stuff.

What is Cell Phone Screen Touch (PDA)

It’s important to know about Mobile Phone Screen Touch (PDA) before going into its depth diagnosis. The Screen Touch which is also called PDA   is an electronic component. It helps to operate a mobile phone by touching the screen.


However, you can find Touch Screen in different sizes in the market.  Generally, (+), (-), (RX), (TX) are the four points name of this touch screen.


The CPU of the Phone controlled the mobile touch screen is. You will find PDA IC or Screen Touch IC In some Mobile Phone’s Interface. And the IC is main element that keeps running the mobile touch screen


Common Mobile Phone Screen Touch (PDA) Problem

There various type of mobile screen touch problems but the below three problems are occurred most frequently.


  1. The mobile phone Screen Touch not working at all.
  2. The screen works but only Half Screen Touch Works.
  3. Only One key is pressed but some other key works.

Before beginning solve the problem

When you will start to solve the problem, the first thing that you should do is power cycle your Mobile phone. Switch off your phone.

Now, you can turn your phone back on. It can often solve minor software glitches or software hiccups. This happen especially if you haven’t powered your phone off for a while.

In this step, if power cycling your phone does the trick, then you can enjoy your working smart phone. But if your phone continues to have the problems then you need to run a diagnostics test on your mobile touch screen.

How to Solve Mobile Phone Screen Touch (PDA) Not Working Problem

The common ways to solve the mobile screen touch problems are as follows. This solution is for very common problems, but if your phone’s touch screen is in serious condition, you may need your phone to an expert technician.


So, let’s see these easiest ways to resolve Mobile Phone Screen Touch (PDA) Not Working Problem


  1. If your Mobile Phone has Both Keypad and Touch Screen, then check your phone Settings.
  2. You can Check Track of the PDA Section of your phone. Also you can check Jumper if necessary.
  3. You can Clean and Resold PDA Tips and PDA Connector too.
  4. If needed, Change the PDA of your Mobile phone.
  5. for your mobile CPU, you can Heat, Reball or Change
  6. To solve the problem, Heat or Change the PDA IC.
  7. If the PDA Problem is not solved by Hardware, Then Reload Software, hope the problem will be solved.


I hope you have found this article a helpful resource for testing and fixing your Mobile touch screen problems.

I would like to thank you for reading this stuff. And I am looking forward to get any comments regarding this article.  I hope you have got Mobile Phone Screen Touch (PDA) Not Working Problem and Solution from this article.

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Laptop Speed problems and what is the solutions

Laptop Speed problems and what is the solutions

It is really very hard to find a laptop user who did not suffer from laptop speed problems. In fact, laptop speed problem is very common. But its solution is also very near at your hand.

A very new computer turns on faster than anything you’ve ever imagined. But it stays this way for a while, and it goes slow down over the time. In this article, I will tell you the easiest ways to fix your laptop speed problems. So, keep reading to get the solutions.

How to fix your laptop Speed problems

You can fix your laptop speed problem in various ways. Here are some important issues that help you to solve the problems:

Remove Temporary Files

A built-in Windows service is Disk Cleanup. It helps to remove various temporary files from your PC.  Just Click the Start button and go to All Programs. Go to Accessories then click on System Tools. Now go to Disk Cleanup and Select a Drive and click on OK button.

At this stage it will scan the drive for temporary files and then show you a list of files to delete.  Now Check the correct boxes and click OK. This will help you get rid of unnecessary files and make your PC speedier.

Clean up the Registry

The Windows Registry is a very fundamental part of the Windows operating system. If you want to get a faster computer, you must perform computer registry maintenance. Registry optimization tools like WinThruster can do the job. This tool can optimize your Windows Registry and make your computer faster than before.

Clean out dust

If you want to get ride from your laptop speed problems, keep your desktop or laptop dust free. Dust can seriously impact a computer’s performance.  If your computers collect dust, it affects the computer’s ability to cool itself down. So, keep your computer dust free.

Check RAM and the hard drive

Check your computer’s RAM and hard drive carefully. If you find the RAM or hard drive has problem, then both can be serviced by someone familiar with hardware components. It will make your computer faster.

Remove useless programs

You can make your laptop faster by removing any software programs that are rarely used. So, uninstall   any programs that you don’t use often, but remembering to exercise caution when uninstalling programs that may be unfamiliar to you. However, uninstalling unused program can free up some storage space and boost your computer’s performance.

Disable unwanted startup programs

You can seed up your laptop by disabling startup programs that you don’t want to run. To do so, Press the Windows key, go to Run dialog box and type msconfig and press enter. Now click the Startup tab nd uncheck the applications that you don’t want to run.

Upgrade antivirus software

If you want to speed up your desktop computer, you must keep your antivirus software up to date.  Otherwise, computer’s performance may be impacted. But make sure that only one antivirus program is running on a machine at a time.

Reinstall Windows

If your computer speed is significantly slow and you want to make it faster, you can reinstall the operating system. And it will definitely make your computer faster.


In last word, Laptop Speed problems and solutions are very easy tasks, but you have to be a little bit tricky to do it, Hope this article will help you to make your laptop faster than before.

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Cell Phone Battery Charging Problem and Solution

Cell Phone Battery Charging Problem and Solution

Mobile Phone Battery Charging Problem is very common in our everyday life.  Usually, the issues occur from one or two reasons. It may be either from user carelessness or hardware malfunctions. However, you may experience some degree of error with your cell phone over the time.  In this article I will explain the Mobile Phone Battery Charging Problem and solution. So, keep reading…

How to Determine your Mobile Phone Battery Charging Problem

The Cell phone charging problems are very easy to detect and you need not to be worried at all. The quickest way is to watch the phone go into charging mode. You will find your Mobile Phone Battery Charging Problem, if

  • The “Battery Charging” symbol over the main screen is not appeared during charging mode.
  • Some phones-including smart phones-indicate charging status with a light. Whichever type of phone you have, you must have at least a symbol appear where your battery level icon sits. At least any type of indicator must be visible .

If none of the above actions happen, you may have a cell phone charging problem.

However, another two common problems are faulty cords or broken charging ports. For which you may face mobile charging problem. It is a little bit hard to   figure out why a cord or port won’t charge a phone. And it may require a professional technician to repair.

So, if no indicators appear it’s pretty possible that your charging cord is not okay.

Besides this, if you guess the port is bad, try twisting the portion of the cord that connects to the phone. At this stage, the phone may switch over from charging to not charging repeatedly.  If this happen, you may suspect that the port may be bad and need to repair.

How to Fix your Cell Phone Charging Problems

If you want to fix you cell phone charging problem, it’s easy! Here your   purchase status of your phone will determine the procedure of how it can be repaired.

If you have an extended warranty or assurance through the cell phone provider, then

  • Never try to fix the problem yourself.
  • You may take the phone back to the store or to the cell phone store for claiming the warranty.
  • You better take the phone back to a provider-run store. It’s possible that a technician is on the premises to check out your phone and make necessary actions your phone needs right there.

However, if you bought the phone outright or decided to go without an extra warranty, then you have more options to fix the cell phone charging problem:

  • Try another charging cord to see if the cord is malfunctioning or not. If the cord is bad, purchase one from a store and try it out. After changing the cord if the phone charges, then the problem are fixed.
  • Another important thing is to clean the charging port of your cell phone. The dirt and dust can build in the port over time. And that creates barriers the cord to insert fully into the port.

The Final recommendation

When you are going to buy a new phone, buy the complete warranty or service plan offered by the Cell Phone Company or retailers. Be sure the warranty may cost you extra in the beginning, but when the time comes to use it, you’ll be glad you did. And always use your cell phone carefully.

However, I think you have enjoyed this writing on Mobile Phone Battery Charging Problem and Solution. And hope to write on Mobile Phone Screen Touch (PDA) Not Working Problem and Solution in my next post. So, till then stay with our Blog.

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Mobile Phone Display Not Working Problem and Solution repair geekz cell phone repair

Mobile Phone Display Not Working Problem and Solution

In this article, we are going to share with you some info about free cell phone screen not working problem and solution. It happens more or less while you are trying to open an application or trying to call a number the display is freeze without any notice. I found my phone a lot in this situation when is just middle of a movie or playing clash of clans. However, there could be any reason behind this blank screen, freezing, etc. and we can treat them both simpler and harder way without damaging the phone. You just need to learn about the basic knowledge of the display problem and solution, that’s it.

How to understand your mobile phone display is not working

You will know that the mobile cell phone screen is not working if,

  • The phone screen is blank, but the power button is working.
  • The screen is freed, but the power button and volume button is working.
  • The screen is frozen at some point, and nothing is working, etc.

Blank display or mobile cell phone display not working problem is mostly occurred by overheating the phone. While using a mobile phone for gaming, watching videos or browsing the ram has needed more power for overworking. So the battery provides more power which overheating the phone, including itself. But you can get rid of such these problems easily if you know some tips and tricks.

So, let’s see what we could do with all to solve the problems.

What is the solution of the not working cell phone display?

No matter what your mobile brand is it, still there is a chance of no display or blank screen once in its life. So, follow these things if you are often trouble with mobile cell phone blank display problem.

  • Turn off the phone by pressing the power button. If it’s not working the press and hold the button until the phone is turn off.
  • Now turn on your mobile phone pressing the power button and check if there is any sound coming from the speaker or not.
  • If you hear the booting sound forms the speaker and checks the status of LCD assembling. Your mobile phone should work perfectly at this time.
  • If the problem is still on then, you have o go the next level. Upgrade your operating system of software of the phone model to the recent version. There could a possibly that the phone was wet or was in damp condition for a long time. If so, it could damage the battery, Ram and some additional parts which preventing the display providing required power.
  • Also, if the LCD screen is broken or shattered, then you have to replace the screen as quick as possible.

There could be some other reason for no display working if it won’t solve in restating of changing the display. If so, check your phone by an expert mobile technician to find our any crucial troubles and solve it with his way. I will discuss with you this type of critical mobile cell phone display not working problem and solution in the future posts. So, keep looking forward on

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Repairgeekz computer repair service
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Laptop power problems and solutions

In this article, I am going to discuss you about laptop power problems and solutions. We often find our most hardworking equipment laptop is in power problem and suddenly become silent like pitch black stone.  Power problem may cause for various reasons. Whatever the reason it could be it sometimes could be a serious sign that your laptop might be damaged badly. But not all cases are same. Still, there is a chance that your laptop recovers from the power problem and work perfectly for rest of the days.

How to understand your laptop has power problem

You can understand the problem causing by laptop power problem in many signs. They are quite visible and loud to comprehend. But these step when already some damages happened with the motherboard, RAM or the charging port. Understanding the laptop power problems and solutions take a look below.

  • The charger pin is in the charging port, but the laptop is not charging.
  • The charger pin is in the charging port, and the charging light is on, but the laptop can’t get the display.
  • The motherboard, the fan is working but the display could not on.
  • Everything is stopped working.

So, these are the only trouble with power now is time for discussing some solution. See that you can do for solve these problems.

What is the solution when the laptop has laptop power problems?

Problem one- I have a XX000 laptop, and I just found that the power pin is just turning dark like burnt or something. There is no sign of power or charging the laptop. Rest of the port is just fine, and the AC adaptor is working. What would you suggest for that?

Solution – your power pin is needed to be replaced. You can assure you if possible try the voltage verification with the multimeter. Check the voltage coming out the end of the wire. If the voltages are being conducted to the motherboard correctly, then you would understand the expect problem spot apparently. So with changing the pin, other voltage issues could e solved correctly.

Problem two- I have an YY000 laptop which is plugged into a 30v AC/DC adaptor. It has got the same polarity of the 19v adapter. However, it’s stopped working suddenly when I found there is smoke coming from the power connector.

Solution- there is a chance that our motherboard is burned, so the circuit is heating because the circuit is the part of it. However, still, there is chance the laptop can be powered by battery. You should see what else burn or get burn marks already. If anything other burned they could be replaced or fix but if the motherboard burn and dead then it will not easy to set.

Problem three- my new laptop is just only showing dark screen besides showing anything else. But the motherboard is working; at least I heard sound from the casing. What should I do?

Solution- it could the problem of broken screen. If so, you can see the boot display with the external display. If nothing is shown on the external screen, then there is any problem with inside the motherboard or RAM.

These are some common problem which often occurs with new/old laptops. To know more Laptop power problems and solutions keep looking forward our upcoming post.

HP Chromebook 13 Repair Service

HP Chromebook 13 Review: Specs, Price, and Battery Life

HP Chromebook 13 reviews reveal the complete specs, price, and battery life that obviously astonish you. This is the sleek and brushed-aluminum notebook that has a high-end design. But the lack of touch screen and low battery life will make you think twitch to buy with minimum $499. Obviously, the name suggests that it is the part of Google work program. And with this unique operating system, Google may prove that Chrome is not only for school but also suitable for the workplace.

HP Chromebook 13 Reviews: Specification, Price, and Battery Life

If you want to browse social media casually, check email, and like streaming Netflix HP Chromebook 13 will fit your bill. Even you can expect more if you are willing to pay the higher amount. Then this notebook will offer you the style and speedy performance. Now for more info about this notebook, let’s check the detail specs, price and battery life.

Stylish HP Chromebook 13 Design

If you are looking for a slim notebook that pairs with the elegant design, then HP Chromebook 13 could be better for you. Because it pulls off the thinnest and stylish design among its own kind. Not the metal body but the brushed aluminum body makes the keyboard deck and screen lid shinny. Interestingly, the thickness is 0.5-inch which is slicker than Samsung Chromebook 3 and Chromebook Pixel 2. Because both of them have the thickness of .07-inch and 0.6-inch respectively. And the weight is 2.65 pounds.

HP Chromebook 13 High-End Performance

Among the Chromebook laptop lines, this is the first time HP uses Intel 6th generation Skylake processors. Besides this powerful Core m mobile chip, you will see 8GB LPDDR3 RAM along with 32GB eMMC storage under the hood.

Sharpest Display

With the spectacular 3200 x 1800 pixel screen resolution, HP Chromebook 13 distinguishes itself by the sharpest screen. Because Acer Chromebook 14 and Chromebook Pixel both come with 2560 x 1700 touchscreen display. Also, the display panel comes with Quad HD screen. So, you will see all the images and videos in HD. Also, the videos will play in smooth. But this notebook hasn’t any touchscreen option. And this is the biggest drawback of HP Chromebook 13.

HP Chromebook 13 Lower Battery Life

If you buy a notebook, you must want the long lasting battery has to power your laptop. But you will not find it in this notebook. And according to Laptop Mag Battery Test, you can expect to work only 6 hours and 48 minutes. So, you have to carry a power adapter on a day trip.

HP Chromebook 13 Price

The price starts from $499 to $819. And you may see the price variation based on the different configurations. For example, if you buy HP Chromebook 13 which has Intel Core m3 then you have to pay $599.

These are all about HP Chromebook 13 reviews. And we have tried to show you especially the main features such as an ultra slim, stylish notebook that pairs with high-resolution display. But it has lower battery life and no touch screen. So, between the $499 to $819 prices you should think a little before making a purchasing decision.




Dell Xps 13 review and repair

Dell XPS 13 Review, Specifications, and Pricing

Dell XPS 13 reviews will help you to learn the info better. And if you know more about the Dell XPS 13 specifications then you can choose the best laptop within your budget. Looking for the great design with super-powered laptop performance? Well, Dell XPS 13 could be the best laptop for you. Also, you can select XPS 13 if you need a longest lasting battery. This is the complete Dell XPS 13 reviews for you. And you will learn all the basic configurations from here.

Dell XPS 13 Reviews on Strong Machined Aluminum Design

Dell XPS 13 has infinity display and has no bezel around the screen. And this design lets Dell fit 13-inch screen into the XPS 13 body. In addition, you will see the XPS 13 screen is moving above the base of the front. And this will allow you to focus on content. In fact, Dell XPS 13 isn’t as thin as its compotators. But Dell uses strong machined aluminum to make the top and bottom of this laptop. So, you will get a quite firm and resilient feeling. If you want a soft typing experience Dell XPS 13 will give it to you. Because Dell used soft-touch carbon fiber to make the keyboard deck.

Dell XPS 13 comes with two models. And one is Silver XPS 13 and another model is Rose-Gold XPS 13. Also, the Silver model is handsome. But the Rose-Gold model is more gold and less pink. In addition, Rose-Gold XPS 13 is $50 more than Silver model. Moreover, Dell XPS 13 weighs 2.7 pounds for the non-touch model. Also, it weighs 2.9 pounds for the touch system version. And the size of XPS 13 is 11.98 x 7.88 x 0.33 – 0.6 inches (W x D x H) (304 x 200 x 9 – 15mm).

XPS 13 Two Display Options

Dell XPS 13 comes with two display system. And both of them offer great display experiences. One model is 1920 x 1080 resolution non-touch and full HD. And another model is 3200 x 1800 pixels quad HD touch screen model. As you can see that this model is more high resolution than the previous one.

Dell XPS 13 Ultraportable Longer Lasting Battery

Looking for the best laptop for working longer hours? Well, Dell XPS 13 will be best for you. Because Dell XPS has a reputation for its longer battery life. In fact, XPS 13 used the ultraportable longest lasting battery. The non-touch version of XPS 13 is lasting 13 hours and 49 minutes with a full charge. And the touch version is lasting 9 hours and 30 minutes.

Great Dell XPS 13 CPU Performance

Dell XPS 13 uses the incredible 7th generations Intel Kaby Lack processors. Also, it has 2.7-3.5 GHz with Core i7-7500U processors based on the models. XPS 13 has not only Core i7 but also Core i5 processors. Now you have two options to choose. And XPS 13 has 8GB DDR4 RAM and Intel HD Graphics 620. Also, you can find 256GB PCIe SSD. With these powerful and strong configurations, you will get the fast and swift performance. And you can use XPS 13 for your daily long hour’s multitasking. In addition, the good news is even if you open 12 tabs and use them all then it will not stutter.

720p HD Widescreen Webcam

XPS 13 has equipped with the 720p widescreen high definition webcam. And the picture quality is decent. But the only weakness is its bizarre placement. To make the super-thin bezel screen, Dell moved the webcam to the bottom left of the screen. Though it’s not a big deal but to make your face clear to your chat partners, you have to move the screen a little farther.

Dell XPS 13 Pricing

Dell XPS 13 has the price range between $799 and $1299. And the price basically depends on the non-touch version and touch version. In addition, the XPS 13 touch model has higher pricing than the non-touch models. It also varies on the upgrade processors.

Dell XPS 13 Reviews Final Thought

From the above Dell XPS 13 reviews, you already know that Dell XPS 13 is the top rated laptop in the market. Because it has superb battery life, faster performance, better Wi-Fi, and incredibly compact designs. So, if these XPS 13 features fulfill your demand then you can buy it.

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